A new survey conducted by Fidelity Charitable shows that 81 percent of donors who are married or live with a partner make their giving decisions as a couple, and they overwhelmingly agree on those decisions.

Fidelity Charitable’s report, How Couples Give, found that the majority of couples agree on which charities to support and how much to give. In fact, only 11 percent say that they disagree at times on those decisions. And the majority of couples divvy up their giving fairly equally among organizations that are important to each spouse or partner.

However, while couples generally feel that they are in agreement about giving, when they sit down to discuss it, there can be gaps, the survey found. For example, only half the donors surveyed say they discuss an overall charitable budget for the year, and less than one-third discuss what assets to contribute. Men and women also hold differing opinions about who takes the lead role in giving decisions and how equally they share in the decisions made with their spouses or partners, the survey found.

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