The nonprofit resources website will feature a webinar titled “Using the Phone Without Fear: How to Make Fundraising Phone Calls and Ask for Gifts” on Nov. 14 and Nov. 28, at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Presented by Simon Scriver, a professional fundraising consultant, coach, trainer and practitioner, the webinar aims to give attendees the confidence they need to pick up the phone and start making effective fundraising calls.

According to organizers, whether it’s asking for money over the phone or using the call to get that all-important meeting with a potential major donor, attendees will learn how to structure and script their calls and what makes a powerful ask, learn the trigger words and phrases that get donors giving more and go through the hurdles they’ll face and how to overcome them.

In the end, participants should know:

  • How to build the call structure and script.
  • How to open a conversation and get people talking.
  • How to ask, based on what makes people give and what potential donors respond to.
  • How to determine how much to ask for—including the extra steps for that major gift.
  • How to influence donors and personalize the call to maximize response rates.
  • The practicalities, such as when to phone, when to leave a voicemail, how many attempts to make and more.

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