According to staff in Facebook’s social good partnerships office, one of the most critical things for nonprofits to do is optimize their Facebook pages so that the right information is presented in the best ways at the most appropriate spots on the site. That means thinking carefully about what information you share, and how, in each of the main sections of a Facebook page. The company recommends the following:

  • About: The About tab gives you a chance to provide a quick preview of what your organization does. You should use the About section to briefly state the mission of your organization and its impact, Facebook said. This is also a good place for contact information.
  • Profile Picture: Your profile picture is a way to help people recognize your brand when they see a post from your page in their News Feed, the company said. Facebook recommends a square version of your organization’s main logo.
  • Cover Photo: In contrast, your cover photo should be an image that represents the work your organization does and the communities it serves, Facebook said. You should use a high-quality image that is visually appealing. Your cover photo can be changed at any time and is a good place to feature a special event or initiative, the company added.
  • Photos and Videos: Uploading videos and images to these tabs will give more depth and understanding of the work your organization does and the impact you create, the company said. Be sure to add descriptions to the photos and videos, and tag volunteers and supporters who appear in them whenever possible.
  • Milestones: According to Facebook, milestones are a great way to show people the history and progress of your organization. You should consider including things like:
    • When the organization was founded.
    • The impact from successful programs and events.
    • The organization’s contributions to the progress made on major issues.

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